We are thrilled to announce that John McNamara has offered to create the entire layout for the issue you are now reading. We are so grateful to him for assuming this responsibility. Kudos go out to Gail, who has been doing this job faithfully for years. We greatly appreciate her and her talent, but having someone in-house is just so special we couldn't resist! John is a top graphic designer, with twenty years of experience and know-how and we are so delighted to have him - and his family - in the club... and beyond!

Another change has to do with the position of treasurer - we need a new treasurer ASAP! This position has been held by Annie for what seems like forever! Annie will "graduate, with honors" and will assist in transitioning a new treasurer; the duties and responsiblities are listed within this issue, entailing perhaps a few (precious) hours per month. We deeply appreciate your volunteering or referring someone you trust to handle these important tasks, and Annie will be excellent in sharing her knowledge to that special person. Thank you also to Judy for many years of dedication and shopping for those marvelous desserts - we love you!

As you know, the backbone of the club rests mainly on dues-paying members and monies earned from our performances. Bonnie and Bill will return from Florida at the end of March, which is when we will see a transition back to more gigs and meeting twice monthly.

Enjoy yourselves a late Happy New Year and stay tuned for our refurbished website, more work from John, with details to follow. While you're at it, let's say goodbye to a not too terribly cold winter as we welcome the always-beautiful springtime.

Thanks again to Gail and Annie and our entire crew!

Sue Fallon, President of the GSHC


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