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Our annual 2014 picnic-in-the-park: two of the songs played by our Ensemble were "Mr. Sandman" and "The Green, Green Grass Of Home".  Such variety:  for "Mr. Sandman", you will see and hear, from left to right, Dick Durante on the ukulele; Richie Miller on bass harmonica; Ralph Viola harmonizing on his chromatic; Bill Farbstein on the chord; Vic Fabano, Bonnie Farbstein and Lu Nieshalla on chromatics.  Such a joy!

For "The Green, Green Grass of Home", listen to: "Ukulele Dick"; Ralph Viola, Bill Farbstein and Richie Miller. Amazing sounds!

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Blues video from the Annual Picnic 2014

The Garden State Harmonica Club Ensemble and player/members play "Misty".
From left to right: Ralph Viola on chromatic, with incredible harmony; Richie Miller on Harmonetta, quite unique;
songbird Frank Grova on chromatic and the versatile Bill Farbstein on bass. What's wrong with this picture?
Nothing...except that Ralph holds his harp backwards! This was one, wonder-filled evening in Glen Rock, NJ, on November 4th, 2013.
We miss Frank Grova and send our best to his family, always.  Ralph, Frank, Richie on Harmonetta and Bill on the chord.

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